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LOS ANGELES, December 5, 2018 – Non-profit Drive Toward a Cure has established a “California Wildfire Grant Fund” and is seeking applicants who are California residents challenged by Parkinson’s Disease that have been affected by the fires and in need of financial assistance.

Since 2016, non-profit Drive Toward a Cure has raised funds and awareness for Parkinson’s Disease research and patient care. Having made the state of California the home base for three of its signature fundraising ‘California Adventure’ rally events, the organization would like to give back specifically to Californian’s with Parkinson’s Disease that may have been affected by the devastating fires that have occurred. With a commitment to further assist in patient care, Drive Toward a Cure has earmarked up to $10,000 to assist those who are challenged by the disease AND experiencing significant losses or exceptional expenses related to the recent California wildfire damage.

Donors can indicate that donations made to Drive Toward a Cure during this time are able to request that their donation be directed to those who need support due to the wildfires, which will increase Drive Toward a Cure’s Wildfire grant fund.

According to Deb Pollack, founder of Drive Toward a Cure, while the magnitude of loss during the recent California fires can’t truly be quantified, the organization can begin to offer some assistance to those that face an added challenge – dealing with loss and the additional stresses on top of the day-to-day struggle of living with Parkinson’s Disease.

“Living with this disease is difficult enough during normal times; and now, for those patients affected by the devastation of wildfires it is incumbent upon our organization to step in where we can and offer assistance. Though the monetary value of these grants is only a start, we hope that this token can make a meaningful difference to those challenged by Parkinson’s and will encourage others to continue to help us seed these efforts.”
-Deb Pollack, founder of Drive Toward a Cure

To apply for grants offered by Drive Toward a Cure, please go to:
or simply click the button below.
Beginning immediately, Drive Toward a Cure will be accepting additional donations to support this effort and potentially create additional grant opportunities.

About Drive Toward a Cure:

The Drive Toward a Cure program pursues an alternative to the numerous ‘for profit’ rally driving programs through the creation of events that team cars and camaraderie to raise funds in support of the challenges of Parkinson’s Disease, benefiting research and patient care. Drive Toward a Cure is a 501 (c ) (3) non-profit, with events that are carefully designed to provide a premium experience while raising much-needed funds to continue the search for a Parkinson’s cure, through beneficiaries The Michael J. Fox Foundation and The Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center. For donations, sponsorship and event registration, please visit www.drivetowardacure.org.

About Parkinson’s Disease:

Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a chronic and progressive movement disorder, meaning that physical symptoms continue and worsen over time. Nearly one million people in the US are living with Parkinson’s disease. The cause is unknown, and although there is presently no cure, there are treatment options such as medication and surgery to manage its symptoms.

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